Triadex Muse: An AI Music Producer, From the ’70s

Triadex Muse
The ability to create and write melodies is a skill that many modern day producers struggle with. However, Edward Fredkin and Marvin Minsky built an artificially intelligent machine in the 70’s to do just that. As you can see in the video below, the Muse is able to improvise melodies based of of user-selected parameters such as scale, tempo and range.

The most intriguing part is that Fredkin and Minsky were hardly involved with the music scene.

They focused on scientific fields like reversible computing and neural networks, which only related to music production at highly complex psychological levels. While it’s forty year-old bleeps and bloops might not sound as good as a Massive preset, it was able to accomplish what many producers cannot do today; spontaneously synthesize a a musically coherent melody.

Click through the entire article over at Create Digital Music, and be sure to check out our visual tour of the Mmmmaven studio for a glimpse at all of the audio gear at our disposal.

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