Art of Micro Sampling Workshop [5/30]


We said earlier that sampling is one of the most widely used techniques in all of electronic music.When you learn to sample, you open up your entire music collection (and more!) for your use. Tomorrow (Friday), Mmmmaven instructor Moduloktopus will get you started on the art of microsampling.

This workshop will cover both basic and advanced techniques, so everyone will walk away with new ways to chop, process, and place samples into their music. You will learn things like creative MIDI mapping, audio clips vs. MIDI functions, sample manipulation, and anything else you want to learn. Bring questions to help us help you!

Some tunes by Moduloktopus (can you hear the samples?):

Sampling can take you far, and opens up crazy things like this, and this. Bring your music to another level and come check out the workshop tomorrow at 6! It’s #FREE but you have to register (it’s really easy).

Busy tomorrow night? Eager to learn about sampling, and even more? You should check out our music production classes.

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