#3Reasons not to Miss @Recloose at #MakeItNew

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Tonight the established house and techno sound of Recloose is hitting Make It New for the second time. His dedication to Detroit funk has now brought him throughout the world. He’s recorded with the city’s most respected musicians and now lives in New Zealand (true!). He’s played Make It New before but this time we’re bringing in his friend and Boston DJ royalty DJ Kon. Kon plus Recloose plus Alan Manzi? A recipe for freakish, funk-filled frivolity.

Here’s three other reasons to hit the club tonight.

  • 1. Recloose is a seasoned veteran.
  • If there’s one thing we’ve learned over 10 years doing this its that the veterans always deliver. Recloose himself has been working dancefloors for over ten years so his ability to read a crowd and control the room is nearly as natural as breathing. So when someoe of Matthew Chicoine‘s stature comes in, we just hand him the club and we’re done. There’s no discussion on what he might play, should play or would play. It’s almost beneath him to suggest anything.

    The point is: You can trust him to make it a night to remember.

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  • 2. Kon is also playing.
  • Speaking of seasoned vets, Boston’s Kon is, err, i-Kon-ic. And as the two have crossed paths travelling around the world they’ve become somewhat of kindred souls. So will they go b2b? Will one play a house record and the other play the disco record it sampled? Will they play rare hip-house all night? Who cares? A meeting of two such musical minds in the mix is worth $10 just to watch it happen, not to mention hearing it.

  • 3. OK, you’re probably going to hear A LOT of disco and reedits.
  • To be honest no one digs crates like these two. Record store owners run and hide when these guys roll through. And disco, in case you haven’t heard, is making an absolutely roaring comeback. The disco underground was escorted into the 1980s via the creation of house, then techno then who knows what all and now disco is all like: “Remember me?” Kon does. Matthew does.

    And you will tonight.

    w/ Special Guest DJ Kon and Alan Manzi
    Thursday – 5.29.14
    Middlesex Lounge
    315 Mass Ave.
    Cambridge, MA
    9pm-2am/21+/$10 all night long

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