ICYMI: Bosq – Cassete Latino EP

bosq whiskey barons

For those of you who think we only do “EDM,” did you know we do salsa? If you can’t believe your eyes, believe your ears and check out Bosq‘s new EP. Bosq is a member of Whisky Barons, a DJ duo here in Boston known for remixing their own salsa, funk, and afro beats. This EP was a great follow-up to Whiskey Baron’s recent release: 6 remixes of Fania Record’s Latin tracks.

In the midst of recording his second acoustic album (listen to the first if you haven’t yet), Bosq made an EP exclusively for Cassette Blog as a part of their EP series. He wanted to make a salsa album in order to go back to his roots and to play with his more intuitive side. With every song that hits you, you can tell he’s achieved his goal. His remixes give the songs new life, making them ready for the global bass and Latin bass dance floors.

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