Watch KiNK’s new Resident Advisor Session


Belgian producer and #MakeItNew alum KiNK has recorded a new live session for Resident Advisor, showing off his impressively involved live setup (which includes a QnNeo!):

KiNK’s performances are a middle finger to live dance music’s naysayers. The Bulgarian house artist shows the broad possibilities of the form by playing his assorted setup with the skill of a seasoned musician. Strahil Velchev’s style blends DJ tricks with keyboard and controller manipulation. He also likes to involve the crowd, encouraging dancers in the front row to smash out patterns on his Novation Launchpad. It’s one of the reasons he’s been a permanent fixture in our best live acts poll in recent years. Velchev has a deep well of killer club tracks—”Bitter Sweet,” “Detunator,” “E79,” “Express” etc—but when he stopped by RA’s London HQ he combined “Source Of Uncertainty,” a new track from his forthcoming debut album, with a stretch of improvisation. The resulting Session showed Velchev deep in his element.

Watch the full live session below:

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