KiNK takes us into the making of “Under Destruction”


Bulgarian producer Strahil Velchev, who records under the moniker KiNK, has a record called Under Destruction out in May. He’s just shared a video that lets the viewer in on a bit of the creative process (via XLR8R):

…the seasoned artist has shared a new video which shows off the various pieces of hardware he used during the live jam sessions which yielded the forthcoming LP. The 10-minute video cuts together clips of Under Destructions‘s tracks as they are recorded live with Velchev tweaking filters, triggering FX, rearranging sequences, and even playing a bit of live piano towards the end. Existing somewhere between an album preview and a “making of” video, this new piece featuring KiNK and his tabletop of hardware can be watched in action below.

Kink played our weekly party #MakeItNew late last year. He was a gentleman and a scholar, and was the first Hungarian to sign our famous map of visitors. Make It New is every single Thursday at the Middlesex Lounge. Visit our event page on Facebook to see what else is coming to town.

Of course you can always be like Kink inside our lab.

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