DMC Online DJ Competition, Enter Now!

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On March 4th, round 1 out of 11 in the DMC Online DJ Competition began. This is a huge competition, open to all DJs around the world to enter. Every two weeks a new round begins, and the winner of the previous round is announced. The winner of each round is determined by public vote, and the winner of each round gets placed into the Top 10. Judges choose a winner from that Top 10, and this winner enters the final competition in August. There will be 11 DJs to choose from at the end, and one will come out crowned the world’s DMC Online DJ Champion.

There’s still time to enter! Round 3 starts in 12 days, and you can still enter for Round 2. Browse some of the current videos while you get your set ready to go!

Watch the winner of the first round kill it:

This is a yearly competition! Don’t think you’re ready just yet? Come take our DJ courses in the meantime and be ready for DMC 2015!

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