Tim Exile – Natural Sounds with an Electro Spin

Tim Exile

Tim Exile, began his life path down the music trail as a classically trained violinist. By the age of 12 his interest shifted into electronic music, where he began his mission to give natural sounds an electro-composition. He was tired of the conventional DJing experience, so he designed a custom-built sound board that allowed him to play a wide variety of electro-sounds.

Photography by Alex Winn (alexwinn.com)images

In the video below Tim visits the Red Bull Music Academy and AKG demonstrating a glimpse of his musical imagination, which some call Music Version 2.0. Its a mystical partnership of real world sounds and noises with a techno/electro spin. It features Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Imogen Heap recording musical language with direction and influence by Tim.

Tim’s most recent release ‘Quander’ on Leisure system is a beautiful model of a dance track loaded with examples of creative energy that does not loose your attention for one second. Its the intricacy of his style of music that keeps you at the end of your seat, while having the ability to choose to lean back and enjoy the sound.

Just how Exile takes inanimate objects and their natural noise, he can artistically do that with voices. I am not talking about how he designed a vocal mix with a Grammy award-winner Imogen Heap. Rather, he took vocals not meant for music, but were derived from a protest. Below you will see Tim Exile mix the chants from protesters rallying against George Papandreou’s politics with the words from Papandreou’s talk with a classical guitar performance from Tariq Harb.

If you think Tim Exile is as dope as I do, then check out his remixes on the TEDGlobal 2013 Stage where he uses an assortment of electric sounds through a soundbox, allowing him to remix, improvise, and record live. Article is up on the TED website and videos will be up shortly!

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Tim Exile

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