Braille at Make it New


Our manĀ Braille is bringing his driving funky beats to Make it New Thursday, December 5th. No slouch behind the decks Braille puts on quite the show, constantly tweaking and rearranging elements of his live set. Of course his balance between tweaking everything and letting the music talk is very important. His performance on Boiler Room TV is a perfect example of this balance.

This guy has such a great control of dynamics, slowly transitioning from louder more intense movements to softer more chilled out movements. All seamlessly executed.

If you want to learn more about Braille then check out his Resident Advisor profile here.

You can also hit up his facebook page.

And most importantly don’t forget to come to Make it New at Middlesex (located at 315 Mass ave. Cambridge MA). The show goes from 9pm-2am and tickets are $10. Here is the facebook event page. See you there!

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