Berlin Music History: 10 Club Commandments


From RBMA:
Johnnie Stieler, vialis 40mg the former head of the sadly defunct Horst Krzbrg – one of Berlin’s most forward-thinking clubs over the past decade – offers up ten commandments for those thinking about opening up a club in Berlin.

1. Don’t do it.?
Every day at Tegel and Schönefeld airport a dozen people arrive with radiant eyes. They have left behind their girlfriend, viagra sale work or school, viagra buy and have taken all the money from their bank account.

2. Don’t think you have a unique concept.
If you’re fierce enough to accept commandment #1, forget that you have a brilliant new idea. In the last ten years, hundreds of young people have come to Berlin and left after the first winter after finding out that there’s an army of similar people with the same idea or concept.

3. Do not spend your – and your friend’s – money unless you don’t ever need it back.?
Money – thrown into the Berlin nightlife – is nothing more than a lubricant to keep the machine going. It comes in small crinkled bank notes out of the trousers of a Low Budget Jet Set and you will just bring it to the bank. That’s it. You won’t see it again.

4. Consider a day job to finance your life. ?
You will need something other than the beer that you take home from the club to fill the fridge. And even this beer isn’t “for free.”

5. Mind the authorities.?
Yes. Unbelievable. Berlin has authorities. Although it seems like nobody pays tax or cares about a liquor license: The piles on the tables of the Berlin administrations are immense – but one fine day your pile will be in the hands of somebody. A lot of people return home when this happens.

6. Pace yourself.?
Yes. It’s possible to party seven days a week and, in the beginning, you might be able to cope with both partying and your personal commitment to the Berlin nightlife. But it will chew you up.

7. Prepare for Berlin winter depression.?
From spring to autumn it seems like Berlin is a huge Haight-Ashbury. From one day to the next it will be the most unfriendly, unsexy and depressing city in the world.

8. Seriously. Consider a day job to finance your life. 
It’s possible to get along with 20 € and a bicycle for a week. And, yes, a döner a day might help you keep your figure, but it also decreases the amount of friends that may want to talk to you. Especially girls.

9. Flats just aren’t what they used to be.?
Reconcile with the idea that, today, a tiny room in a shared apartment costs as much as a flat a few years ago.

10. Meet some Berliners.?
Besides all these awesome people from Newark, Milton Keynes, Vancouver, Torino, Vigo or Pinzano Al Tagliamento, there are still some Berliners around. You will need them as friends in winter.

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