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Wedding season is a year round affair.  At any given time, a wedding is either being planned, anticipated, or in the middle of happening. With the amount of money that gets dropped on modern weddings, its important to have everything just right. So when the big day arrives and your DJ looks something like this:

… that’s when the red flags go up and regret starts to sink in.

We at mmmmaven are here to protect you from that shameful feeling with our stacked roster of matrimony ready DJs.

Take this feedback from a happy customer in reference to our own Nate Bluhm:

“Just so you know, everyone at my wedding loves you. I’ve gotten so many compliments about your dinner music and the dance music!!! Thank you so much for making the wedding such a success! The music was absolutely perfect for my family and friends. You did a perfect job and my husband and I are so happy!

My husband’s cousin and I who both have masters in music totally noticed how well you chose the jazz standards and my dad, even pickier than me, mentioned it….so great!”

This can be you!

Peruse our roster of world-class talent and get excited. Drop us a line at and we’ll get the party started!

Boston Wedding DJs

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