#20Moments from #tgthr2013 @together [part 3/4]

I was so proud of what @Together did this year, uniting people, tastes, and bringing an astonishing number of creative entrepreneurs, you know, together. In trying to recap what was #tgthr2013, I sent 20 different #20moments messages out via Twitter. To elaborate, I’m using this blog to drill down. For parts one and two, go here and here.

Onwards, #20moments #11-15!


I miss ROFLcon desperately. As a convention, it was the freshest idea: and Internet Culture convention starring: MEMES! For #tgthr2014, I’d love to see more of a presence from the meme community, and having Scumbag Steve appear at the 2013 edition is a start. Yes indeed, my girlfriend is Lauren Metter and I don’t know anyone in the world better at Social Media than her, so she pwned this whole routine. From setting up the Q&A to asking for questions on reedit (h/t Robby Grodin), the back and forth between Boston’s most famous meme and Metter was priceless.

The Center was buzzing all day at Blake Boston‘s appearance at 2pm. We were all sure he would skip out (“Agrees to appear on a panel / Doesn’t show”), but then he started to RT things at 1:50pm and, while Metter was buying him some Newports down the street, he sauntered by, Dunks and Newports in hand.

The recorded stream is below, but expect an expert-level recap soon. Success.

Video streaming by Ustream

Full disclosure: I was a party photographer once upon a time and Hearthrob was my jam. There was simply no other party like it in Boston, and there likely will never be. So the fact that they reunite each year for Together is supremely dope. “Lil Internet” is one of the driving forces behind the troupe and he’s always talked about having a DJ livestream into the club from somewhere in the world. For #tgthr2013, it worked. Big time.

Locked in from Paris (Where it must have been 5 in the morning?) Panteros 666 was rocking the party on the Middlesex Lounge big screen and it was tight like whoa. He also pointed a Kinect at himself and so his shadow was dancing. It sounds like it doesn’t make sense because it didn’t. It shouldn’t have worked. But the stream was digitally safe, and so, in real time, someone was DJing a party on the other end of the world. A landmark in club culture and, as far as I know, a first ever happening in the world. A Together exclusive. None more proud. And I danced my ass off.

Click the picture below to see what I mean. H/T Nicky Digital.


Via the Wilbur Theatre and the hard work of Managing Director Alex Maniatis Juicy J was a part of #tgthr2013. Juicy J, ya’ll. JUICY J. Oscar-winning hip-hop artist and one of the big reason “Trap” is anything right now.

Yes, he constantly talked about weed and strip clubs and, yes, people were being bounced left and right (literally) for lighting up in the club but when Juicy J stormed the stage people got what they call TURNT.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 4.26.18 PM

Being from Kansas, I don’t like earthquakes. Never even felt one until a few years ago, actually. But the way the balconies were bouncing at The Wilbur legitimately freaked me out. Even afterwards, on the way to catch Andre Obin at the Middle East Club I could still feel the bounce in my bones. Big shout out to Bill Blumenreich Presents for making it all happen.

The World’s Fair was the first (annual?) outdoor event in the four-year history of the festival. The weather was gorgeous, the live music was special and DJ Leah V and Claude Money brought the funk to MIT University Park. Thanks to the CSBA and Mini and Boston Magazine for even making it possible.

Meanwhile at the AeroShot Energy DJ tent:

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 4.51.50 PM

The Ableton expert who was flown out here to teach the program, Leon J, is in fact an old friend of Alex Maniatis and from around these parts. He immediately became a tremendous supporter and friend. Following up a Brek.One set that got the crowd moving, Leon kept them hyped with a serious techno/Ableton set. He recorded it for us:

In the meantime, the incomparable Marcie Joy had done a tremendous job building the Together Kids area and the chaps from MIT’s Sept to May had piled in weather balloons … and what I think were supposed to be buildable … protein … nucleotides? The children played with them and built … things … with them. A magical day to put it lightly.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 5.20.41 PM

Punketta, aka Koren Bernardi, is our rock come festival week. As the Director of Production, she has to be sure all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s dotted, she’s in charge of gear and making sure everything goes smooth–which, for a week-long city-wide event, is almost impossible. She pulls it off each time.

Zebbler, of ZEE and the Mooninite thing and of well, Zebbler, was a crucial part of #tgthr2010, when he hosted an incredible VJ event at MassArt. At one of the best discussions of the week, the two discussed “Spectacle as Performance,” or, what happens when the A/V of a show takes on as much significance as the music. Colin Thurmond (NEC/Acoustica Electronica), Daniel Trostli and Peter Brown (Rise) joined them, but Koren and Zebbler’s back-and-forth battles of the sexes style was a highlight to be sure.

It all built to a type of head when Zebbler mentioned “girls spilling drinks” and Koren belted out “Hey, guys spill drinks too!” … It was hilarious (and true).

Video streaming by Ustream

So that’s #20moments #’s 11-15. To go back to 6-10 click here and to return to #1 click here.

We’ll finish this up tomorrow.

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