#20Moments from #tgthr2013 @together [part 2/4]

As the Creative Director of Together Boston, I get to go around and visit many of the events and happenings in and around the city, May 12-19th. I went ahead and Tweeted out #20moments that made the city-wide event that much more awesome. For numbers 1 through 5, click here.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 3.12.04 PM

Nevermind everything I’ve said, the cinema experience at the MFA is the best in the city. Hands down. The seats are ridiculously comfortable but supportive, the image is crystal clear and the sound … Oh man THE SOUND. Director of Operations Gareth Middlebrook and friend of the fest Coleman (pictured above, 15 minutes before the screening) were sitting two rows in front of me and I couldn’t yell loud enough for them to hear me. It was that acoustically straight. Two thumbs up. (Also: You get into the museum for free afterwards! So that’s like $9 for a movie and a museum)

The movie? Funny for the first 40 minutes and touching for the last 30. It could have easily been subtitled “The Art of Collaboration.” From the duo to their families to their friends in an anarchistic post-wall Berlin, We Are Modeselektor was all about how people work together to survive and thrive. This was its North American premiere.

Oh yeah, in the opening credits it said: Starring Gernot Bronsert, Sebastian Szary and Ilona. About 5 minutes in I LOL’d when it became clear that Ilona was the dog. And I’m sure Gareth and Cole couldn’t hear me do it, either.

After the Boston Marathon Bombings, I had reservations about even having the festival at all. In fact the introduction to the guide was originally going to be this. I since scrapped it for something else, but thought to share it here:

Dear Together Attendees,

I’m not going to lie. I had a crisis of conscious this morning.

In light of the events at the Boston Marathon earlier this April past, it crossed my mind to call off Together Boston altogether. How could we, in light of everything, continue onwards with this week-long celebration of Music, Art and Technology? In our fourth year, we have such an incredible team, such incredible experience, yet the terrible events this entire area underwent caused me to consider cancelling the entire festival.

Then, after a phone call with our COO, Joe Grafton, it all became clear: We should, indeed, we absolutely must, continue as planned. We must for our team, we must for our partners but, most of all and above all, we must for Cambridge and we must for Boston. We have to rally our efforts and put this wonderful community to the forefront of our mind. We recognize, certainly, that there’s far more to do than one week-long festival can deliver, but we think we have a part to play … and we’re going to play it.

In this way, I encourage attendees to do the same. In your hands and online you’ll find our schedule of events, many of them open to the public and many of them free, in which you can explore the economic union of music, art and technology. Whether it’s seeing international stars like Four Tet or a local showcase of talented musicians and producers; whether visiting the Museum of Fine Arts for one of our film presentations or stopping by our Together Central headquarters for a free discussion; whether at our free outdoor revival of the Central Square World’s Fair or witnessing the #1 UK hitmaker that is Duke Dumont, this is your city and we’re crafting this festival especially for you.

And if you see someone in a staff shirt please give them a hearty thanks. The efforts they have gone through to bring you this event are no less than extraordinary … and under no circumstance will you, we, I–or anyone else born to this earth–stop them.

We are a festival united.

We are Together Boston.

… Which is to say this. #tgthr2013 headliner Duke Dumont has had #1 pop hits and huge original productions. But none of them struck a chord harder with our team than his remix of Haim’s “Falling.” To me, it spoke directly to the tragedy our city went through and how to push through it. It became our theme song.

“Don’t stop / Don’t ever give up / And if it gets rough / It’s time to get rough.”

Obviously, Duke waited until his very last song to pay it and we all just … melted.

The City of Cambridge has welcomed our festival with open arms, from finding us empty storefronts for our headquarters to giving us an open park to throw a large outdoor party. Much of it comes from the government, which is simply unheard of in today’s new plutocracy. All the city councillors are near and dear to us (Hi Minka! Wazzap Ken!) but it’s Leland Cheung who DJs. As I understand it, he picked it up in SF and of all genres, he plays a pretty hard and fast trance style.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 4.27.41 PM

I’ll be the first to admit I had never heard of Chez Damier. As much as I consider myself a historian of dance music, somehow I missed Chez. I won’t that mistake again.

Walking up to the Phoenix Landing I was worried. I figured of all the events that night it might be the one that suffered from attendance. Again: completely wrong. Line out the door, club absolutely rammed. Lauren Metter and I found a corner in which to get down and, lordy-lord, did we ever break a sweat. Chez Damier had all the heads out and Eli and Tanner had returned from whatever part of the world they were dominating to see the guy. Fortunately, DJ D-Lux caught it on tape. Just listen and imagine the elevating, stratospheric vibe.

Let’s go to church:

Of all the organizations involved in gathering at the Together Center, Cambriville Connects was the most casual and effortless. They brought in their peeps, we all chatted and musically, what we needed is just what Third Coffee provided. Coffee, aka Lilia R., plays a kind of adult vibes that gave us a groovy soundtrack to close off a busy Wednesday at our headquarters. She recorded it just for you.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 5.18.30 PM

Let’s vibe out:

That’s numbers 6 through 10 of my #20moments. 1-5 here.

Go to the next chapter, 11-15, here.

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