Mmmmaven February Graduation Party/New Talent Showcase (Recap)

With every new Graduating Mmmmaven class, comes another set of unique and talented artists. Over the month of February,a brand new group of Mmmmaven students learned the tricks of the mix from instructors Baltimoroder and Fens. Yesterday, 7 Mmmaven graduated DJs from both the January and February classes presented their newly acquired skills at a special Mmmmaven new talent showcase at Cambridge’s award winning club, The Middlesex Lounge. Each graduate, with his or her unique style rocked the dance floor for their friends and family for a half hour each. After 4 hours of new talent it was clear to see that the hard work and practice was well worth it. Make sure to look out for the 7 new Mmmmaven DJ’s from last night’s showcase: Michael (Mickey Grouse) Jonas (DJ Junge) Allan (23Sound) Indraneel (Imaginary Number) Gregg (Dr-o-Matik) Chayuth (Sagamento) Dan (DeeGee) If you’re interested in taking the Mmmmaven classes and want to see your name on a future new talent showcase list, hit us up at The Mmmmaven Project.

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