What Our Students Are Saying…

DJing is an art form, and when teaching any art form the best teachers are seasoned veterans and the best students must feel a passion to learn and make this art form truly their own. After 3 classes have gathered, learned, and graduated, its clear to see that the Mmmmaven project’s professors and students are exactly that. Now with classes offered in basic DJing using Serato and Vinyl Controllers to music production classes using Ableton, the way that students learn at the Mmmmaven Project has expanded and continues to grow.

The Mmmmaven Project‘s students are a very unique group. They hail from all over including Brooklyn, NY to right here in Cambridge, MA. Students come to Mmmmaven with various musical backgrounds and a wide range of taste in music. Students are free to play any genre in which they please, making the classes unique and memorable to every student individually.

See what out students have been saying…

Student/Producer/DJ Ben Shares his experience at Mmmmaven:

If anyone has ever wanted to be a DJ, Mmmmaven is the place for you. It only took me a month and now I’m playing out for the first time.Taking this course puts you way ahead of someone who tries to learn on their own. Top notch gear, teachers, location, and price. I had a great experience.” — DJ Matty T

“I just finished my DJ classes and I have to say I learned a LOT! Our teacher Eric was really great and very knowledgeable (he’s also a great DJ — check out Baltimoroder). I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to handle mixes, either with turntables or midi controllers. Plus, you get to meet some of the people who plan parties around the city, so it’s immediate connections to the DJ world if you want to play out!” — Ben Gray

“If you ever thought about being a DJ, just for fun or wanted to get serious about it and actually try and make some dough,you can’t loose coming here. The second you walk in the door, the staff are super friendly and they genuinely care to help both in the class and after its done. My teacher Eric was awesome and one of the nicest and most knowledgeable guys you’ll meet.” — Adam W

Are you in?

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