8 Ways to Make Music Online

While it is practical to use various types of computer software to produce high-caliber music, it has been found that webpages online can also enable quality music production. Musicradar‘s  surfed the Internet to find some of the  best sites to create music through a web browser. He relayed his findings to Musicradar, and it’s a good idea to mark his recommended websites in your “bookmarks” folder.

1. AudioTool


AudioTool has been a staple production website for a long time, but with its constant updates, the site is essentially brand new. “The easy-to-use interface enables you to rig up Roland-style drum machines and synths and route them through Boss-style stomp boxes and into a virtual mixing desk. Some basic DAW functions – including a piano roll display – enable you to program or record MIDI,” says Cornell.

2. Soundation Studio


Equipped with rudimentary synths as well as a drum sounds, Soundation has all of the basics for music production. Plus, it allows users to include live recordings into production. Cornell praises the website by saying, “the layout and options should be familiar to anyone who has a passing interest in music production. The basic package comes pre-loaded with over 700 loops and samples, which can be bolstered by reasonably-priced packs that are available from the online store.” [MORE HERE]

3. Audio Sauna


Cornell notes the uncanny resemblance between Audio Sauna and GarageBand, and applauds the websites basic tools. “Sound-wise, there are good FM and analogue synths and also a sampler which covers drums and a few other instruments. You can load your own samples into the sampler and apply distortion, chorus and looping. Songs and tracks can be exported as WAV files or saved for future recall,” says Cornell. [MORE HERE]

4. Soundtrap


With Soundtrap, users can create a maximum of five music projects. The site makes sharing and collaborating on music simple for everyone. “The loops, effects and instruments are solid… Recording external sounds is easy. Sharing a project opens up your song for friends to edit…Once your tune is complete, hit the ‘publish’ button and it’s automatically mastered and uploaded for the community to hear and comment on,” says Cornell.

5. PulseBoy


Pulseboy is available both online and offline. Cornell praises the site for its genuine 8-bit sounds and ability to save projects for later. Cornell states that, “the interface is designed to mimic the classic Nintendo Game Boy and features basic controls and graphics. Across the 16 tracks you can assign simple waveforms and noise, tweaking volume, panning and low/high frequency cutoff. Then it’s simply a case of tapping out your notes on your computer keyboard.” [MORE HERE]

6. Viktor NV-1


The simplicity of the Viktor NV-1 is one of the sites major attractions. Easy to operate and fairly understandable, the site is perfect to learn the fundamentals of keyboard synths. “It comes with 30 presets and you can save and load your own. Common waveforms can be assigned to the 3 oscillators and shaped with an LFO and envelopes. The onboard compressor, delay and reverb units thicken up the sound,” says Cornell. [MORE HERE]

7. WebSynths


“Another 3-oscillator synth but with a completely different look to most. Programmed by Mitch Wells, the main features of this instrument are the envelope shaping and the 136 presets, most of which sound pretty impressive,” says Cornell about WebSynths. The website allows users to transform their music into something completely new though distortion, compression and other post-processing aspects. [MORE HERE]

8. Patchwork


A site for those more advanced in music production, Patchwork offers all of the instrumental amenities anyone could ever need. “Unless you’re familiar with analogue synth architecture you might initially struggle with the steep learning curve, but perseverance will pay off. If nothing else, this site is a fantastic emulation of an old-school patchbay and demonstrates what previous generations of synth engineers had to contend with just to create a simple sound,” says Cornell. [MORE HERE]

Cornell’s findings are useful for anyone. Novices and experts alike will benefit from these sites in different ways, allowing them to create insanely good music.

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Make It New with Beautiful Swimmers [12/15]

For the description of week’s #MakeItNew event, we thought we’d just leave it to the wordsmiths at Resident Advisor.

If you’re ever feeling down on dance music, go to a Beautiful Swimmers gig.

Andrew Field-Pickering (AKA Max D) and Ari Goldman have been going back-to-back since the late ’00s, and they’re among the most animated DJs in the game, hammering home the fun and physicality of their selections by dancing and wearing ear-to-ear smiles.

They’re also serious record collectors—when they’re not traveling, Goldman and Field-Pickering work in record stores, and their time spent in the bins shows in their sets. Over the years, the duo have used house music as a foundation to explore Baltimore club, jungle, post-punk and other unclassifiable delights.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves 😀

Make It New with Beautiful Swimmers [12/15]
+ resident Baltimoroder
Thursday December 15, 2016
Middlesex Lounge
9pm / 21+ / $10 Before 11pm / $15 After

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Make It New Related Guests Garner 9 Grammy Nominations

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Many would dismiss our weekly celebration of music as simply an “EDM” night, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Much of the music now is “electronic” (the first synthesizer was created in 1876), “dance” is what we do to music (see: moshing, breakdancing, the waltz) and music, is, well, music.

But after fourteen years of promoting new music every week, it was exciting to see the announcements of the 2016 GRAMMY nominees go to some familiar faces.

Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy make up DJ Dodger Stadium. Both of them have played our night individually. They co-produced the GRAMMY-nominated Kanye West song “Ultra Light Beam

On maybe an entirely different tip (or, maybe not?), there’s Alva Noto, who, along with Japanese legend Ryuichi Sakamoto, scored the Grammy-nominated The Revenant.

To be sure, nearly all the credit of Mr. Noto playing Make It New goes to the indomitable Non-Event, who hosted him and his label back in 2009. Maybe you should like them on Facebook.

Of course, a lion’s share of the Make It New-related GRAMMY-nominations come from the dance/electronic category (though we again emphasize we do not know exactly what that means anymore).

Bob Moses played Make It New in 2014 and have gone onto stunning heights, even playing daytime talk show Ellen. But that’s nothing compared to…

Yes, Flume. Clocking in hundreds of millions of YouTube plays, one of his first gigs on American soil was at Make It New. But wait…

Do you like Paul McCartney? We prefer John ourselves (and, well, George … and maybe Ringo tbqh) but hey, Make It New guest Timo Maas has been nominated for a remix he did of Sir Paul!

Joe Goddard of Hot Chip was also nominated for a GRAMMY for his extended remix of the Chemical Brothers. He played Make It New (as one half of the Two Bears) after Hot Chip played the House of Blues last year. Ask us the story of how we might have inadvertently introduced Hot Chip to techno back in the day.

But wait! You say, that is only 7… Well…

We did say “related,” right? Back in 2008, we had a hand in bringing Diplo to Great Scott. And, for a ninth credit, Wes a/k/a Diplo is nominated ALSO for album of the year via Beyonce.

To be fair, if we extended all our tentacles through the GRAMMY process, we’d likely come up with many other connections.

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Ableton Releases Live 9.7.1

The latest update to the powerful DAW includes a raft of updates for the Push.

9.7.1 Release Notes include

Improvements and feature changes:

  • Improved sound and timing of Complex and Complex Pro warp modes.


  • Live would crash at launch on OSX if the permissions for the system temporary folder were set to read only.
  • Live would crash when performing ‘Undo’ after grouping chains in a Rack.

Changes for Push:

  • It is now possible to convert an audio clip to a Simpler or Drum Rack pad in Arrangement from Push.
  • Pressing Record on Push would stop a clip if the clip’s Launch Mode was set to “Toggle”.
  • Clip parameters on Push 2 were unresponsive after a Clip recording.

For the full list of the new features–and to get the update!–head to Ableton’s website.

Want to know more about the Ableton Program at MMMMAVEN? Drop us a line below and get a tour of our state-of-the-art studio.