Did DJ Jazzy Jeff Just Leak Ableton Live 10?

Speculation is as speculation does, but Ask.Audio has an interesting theory that, in an online video, DJ Jazzy Jeff is using Ableton version 10.

Here is the video in question (keep an eye out at the 3:24 mark):

What do you think? For the entirety of the theory, visit Ask.Audio here.

H/T @Nickdawg for the heads-up.

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Interview with Alumnus DJ Boss

Since graduating from Mmmmaven in 2014, Chayuth Clark Subsin also known as DJ BOSS has been making waves in the Boston DJ community. Originally from Thailand, DJ BOSS has opened for Borgeous at The Royale and has a residency at Club eNVy in Allston. We were lucky enough to have him back at Mmmmaven to talk about how he started DJing, his career highlights so far and how we helped pave the way for a career as a DJ. 

How did you find out about Mmmmaven and the programs we offer?

I looked it up online and I wanted to be a DJ and get myself in the community. I found you guys doing it over here in Cambridge so I tried it out and learned so much here.

When did you graduate from Mmmmaven?

3 years ago – Mmmmaven looked very different then it was downstairs! This new setup is really cool.

What was your favorite class/technique that you learned?

I learnt a lot when I first started. There was the DJ 101 class and the DJ 102 class. In the DJ 101 class I learned how to DJ using equipment and how to connect all the equipment together. In DJ 102 I learned how to beat match and how to blend two songs together. It also covers a lot more technique in the 102 class.

Had you DJ’ed before you came to Mmmmaven?

I started DJ-ing by myself a few months before I came to Mmmmaven and I felt kind of stuck. Then when I came here my mind was blown. I got to understand the technique behind what I was doing before I came here and got right on top of it – it was amazing.

What skill do you think you improved on during your time with Mmmmaven?

I improved on my confidence beat matching and pushing the crowd. Beat matching is really important as a DJ. When I learned from the instructor how to play the two songs, that made me a lot more confident that I could do it myself. Also, with the turntable equipment in here it’s totally different: starting off using vinyl is a really great way to learn how to DJ.

Do you use different equipment when you DJ?

I started off using the Controller – that’s a little bit different. In here with vinyl it’s different so let’s talk about it. When I first started to DJ I listened to the radio and I was like “oh I wanna learn how to DJ” and I bought two turntables however it was not good equipment. I also didn’t know that a turntable needed a Serato box to make it work so I went to guitar centre and bought it but I didn’t know how to use it. I randomly went to the bar down the street and hired a DJ to come and teach me. He taught me a couple of times but I was still stuck and felt like “why don’t I know how to do this thing? How do I adjust it? How do I beat match?” When I came here to Mmmmaven I solved the problems that I had.

Can you tell us a little bit about your first gigging experience? What was it like, how did you book it, how did it go?

After the graduation party at Middlesex I met one of the students from Mmmmaven – they call it the Project Mixx and they invited me over to spin at one of their nights at Mini Bar in Copley which was actually my first DJ gig.

Yeah I was super nervous, I didn’t know what to do because it was my first live performance but I thought “this is what I’ve been waiting for!

I’ve been learning and now this is like the real show time for me.” Yeah so, it was great! I did my best, I had a good time and everybody had a good time.

How often do you DJ now?

I DJ once or twice a week. My resident club is eNVy in Allston and sometimes I DJ at some other places as well. I would love to DJ more! I want to do this every day – that’d be fun!

What part of DJing do you find to be the most challenging?

Reading the crowd. Reading the crowd and playing the right song in the right moment. Taking the requests can also be challenging but I try. I love it. I love taking requests. At the club I want everybody to have a good time and when they request it sometimes, I wouldn’t think about that song, but then if the song works for the crowd I’m happy with it.

What has been your biggest career achievement to date?

I’ve been playing a lot of big night clubs since I played at Royale. That was the most exciting venue for me to play at. I was opening for my favorite DJ, Borgeous, and to be able to hang out with him and talk about music was great.

Did getting an education at Mmmmaven help you with your DJ career?

Definitely! It helped me so much! I wouldn’t be DJing where I am right now without Mmmmaven.

Not only did they teach me the basic things I needed to know as a DJ but also the DJ community at Mmmmaven is very strong. Mmmmaven is pretty much a home for everyone musical as a DJ. I wouldn’t be able to know all of the DJs that I do and be able to talk about DJing with so many people without the community from Mmmmaven. It’s great to be here, to share music and talk with friends. Sometimes you can pull a line to get a gig from a previous student.

How has your music progressed since graduating from Mmmmaven?

I hope my music has progressed as I keep practicing after Mmmmaven! I practice every day mostly. I try to find some time to just practice, to just play with it. As an artist you know you wanna practice because it’s so fun to DJ! I DJ by myself all the time. I go live on Facebook now to practice and when I practice I learn every time. I try to do something stupid and then I learn if it works or not. If it works I’m gonna keep practicing until I get it and then I’m gonna play it at a club. I’m gonna use that technique to play it at a club and see if it works.

What do you hope to have accomplished in your DJing career five years from now?

Five years from now I am planning to get my songs signed by a record label and also, a dream that I’ve thought about since being at Mmmmaven, I want to play at a festival – that’s one of my goals! I would love to do any kind of music festival as I haven’t done that yet. I wanna feel it! I wanna study about it and get a different feeling and it would be really awesome.

What didn’t Mmmmaven teach you that you wish you had learned?

They taught me a little bit of everything, so no, I don’t think there’s anything. I think they covered everything I needed to know. Other than that you have to practice by yourself.

What did you find most challenging to learn at Mmmmaven?

The most challenging thing for me was beat matching.

Doing that with songs with different BPMs and learning how to try and blend the song together is challenging.

I think that’s the most challenging thing as a DJ. When I started I had a really difficult time trying to beat match between different songs because you have to count in a certain way and I didn’t know about all this. I thought “how am I gonna get that two song break down at the same time?” Then at Mmmmaven I found out how to count to make it work. Then on these turn tables beat matching can be tricky because when you press it, it’s not going right away. It takes some time and you just gotta kind of like feel it. I think that’s also the fun part as a DJ. It’s the best feeling matching songs together and getting it right.

Do you collaborate with other Mmmmaven graduates?

Once in a while I get in touch with my old friend from Project Mix and some good friends from Mmmmaven as well.

Do you think Mmmmaven graduates are prominent in the Boston DJ music scene?

I think there’s a lot of Mmmmaven graduates on the DJ scene. I think it’s only Mmmmmaven – you can Google it! There’s nowhere else.

In what ways did Mmmmaven prepare you for playing for a live audience?

The graduation party was a preparation for performing for a live audience. It was all the students who were graduating that got to perform live with their friends and everybody got together. Actually I think that was my first time. That was actually my first official gig to play live performing in an actual night club. That was the most exciting part for when me I graduated. I still remember that feeling. Even now when I DJ I still get that exciting feeling you know? That was the first time that I really felt like “woah I’m gonna do this, these people gonna like it” and at the end of the day everybody had a great time believe me.

If Mmmmaven were to offer more advanced classes would you be interested in taking them?

Well yeah! Actually I’m getting myself into production right now. I wanna learn more about sound design and stuff like that, yeah. I’m looking forward to that.

What brings you happiness?

I like to go outside, walk my dog, come back, practice for an hour, go out, get some lunch, come back and make music. That’s an ideal day for me! M U S I C – that’s everything.

What advice would you give to any aspiring DJ student?

They’re just gonna have to love this {points to turntable}. When they love this they can do it. Just love playing around with it and spend time with it – it’s fun! Just download music and try to play it and record your set. I record my set all the time and I listen to it in the car when I’m driving. That way I learn when I listen to my set after like “oh does this technique work when I press the crossfade right” or if it doesn’t work I’m gonna come back to it the next day and practice it until it works. When it works it’s like “oh I got it!” It’s fun. Also practice: learn and practice. Practice will make it happen.

Well thank you so much for coming in today to have a chat!

Of course, thank you for inviting me to come back here! Mmmmaven will always be a home for me.



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Beats by Girlz & Mmmmaven present an open house to learn more about the music production program this January for girls, non-gender binary, and/or trans youth ages 8-13.


You’ll have an opportunity to play around with equipment and ask instructors questions. We’ll also be raising money for schorlarships.

Beats By Girlz is a non-traditional, creative and educational music technology curriculum and initative designed by Erin Barra that was initially developed at The Lower Eastside Girls Club in NYC. Beats By Girlz is designed to empower young women in music technology by providing them with the guidance, access, tools and role-support to develop their interest in music production, composition, engineering, etc.

How To Mix Up Your Set With Follow Actions in Ableton Live!

So you’ve got your live Session all set up and you’re ready to perform (or, you’re not – for tips on creating your Live set, click here). Now you want to take your set to the next level with creative breaks and live remixing. A good place to begin is by checking out Ableton’s Follow Actions automation box.

bostondjschoolLet’s get started. By default, clips are triggered in time with your Global Quantization Settings, found in the transport at the top of your session. If you haven’t changed your settings already, it will be set to 1 bar.

Load up a series of clips, audio or MIDI (clips must be warped). I’ve imported a series of drum loops, but this will work for harmonic clips or vocals too, just as long as you make sure that all of your clips are in the same key. Select a clip and navigate to the small L in the lower left-hand corner of your session. This opens up your Launch Menu. You will find 4 Launch Modes within the dropdown menu.


Trigger Mode: This is Ableton’s default launch mode. Pushing a clip’s button on your MIDI controller launches the clip

Gate: Clips are triggered when you hold down their control button. Releasing the button stops the clip.

Toggle: Pressing a button launches a clip. Pressing the button again will stop it.

Repeat: Holding down a button on your controller will continue to retrigger a clip at the quantize setting that you have selected for it. You will notice that the Launch Box allows you to set the quantization rate for individual clips. When you release the button, the clip will continue to loop at the normal rate.

Try setting a clip to “Repeat” and change the quantize settings for that clip to 1/16. Launch the clip and then hold down whatever key or button you have mapped to control it. This creates a cool stutter effect that is an easy way to mix up your live set!

Beneath this menu you’ll find the Legato button. Legato is a powerful tool that you’ll want to get acquainted with for your Live set. By activating Legato, when you launch a clip, it will inherit the timing of the clip that was playing on the same channel before you launched it. In plainer terms, if you have 4 2 bar clips, and you launch one clip, and then launch another clip 1 bar in, your new clip will pick up the 2nd bar instead of the first. This clip will then continue to play according to your settings until you decided to launch another clip.

I made this gif to illustrate how this works. You’ll see each time a clip is launched, it starts where the last one ended instead of from the beginning!

Try It Out!

1. Select all of your loops. (Tip: Click on your first clip, hit shift, and then click the last clip in your track to quickly select all of your clips at once). With your clips selected, open up the Launch menu (L). Press the Legato button to turn it on. All of your clips should now be in Legato Mode.mmmmavenwaves

2.Keep your Launch Mode on the default Trigger Mode.

3.Turn off “Global Quantize” in your transport.


4. Start launching clips! This is an easy way to create variation in your beats, that will always sound organic and stay in time.

In a live setting, you will most likely want to have your Global Quantize setting on for other parts of your set. The simple workaround is to select all of the clips that you want to use for your breaks, and then turn off Quantization in the Launch Box. Now these clips won’t be influenced by the Global Quantize rate.

Tip: If you’re looking for inspiration, or find yourself constantly reaching for the same loops, this is a good way to mix things up. Set up a few of your favourite loops in Legato Mode using the instructions outlined above, then hit the Session record button and start launching clips. This makes it easy to go back and crop out any happy accidents that you may have stumbled upon while you were experimenting in Legato!


Automate The Process

If you want to try this out in your Live set, but are too engaged in performing some other aspect of your set at this point, you have the option to automate this process using Follow Actions.

Follow Actions: A clip’s Follow Action defines what happens to a group of clips on the same track after a clip has been triggered. Tracks can have an unlimited number of groups with different Follow Actions on the same track. You can define a group by leaving an empty slot in between a group of clips.


1.To start, select the group of clips you’d like to automate. If you have other clips on the same track that you don’t want to include, just make sure that there is an empty clip slot in between these clips and the group you will be working with. With your group selected, make sure your Launch Mode is set to Trigger, activate Legato mode and turn off quantization.


2. Check out your Follow Action control box: followactionsabletonmmmmaven


  • The first row of 3 boxes controls the timing of your Follow Action, defined in Bars, Beats and 16ths from the point in the clip where play begins. The default is 1 bar.
  • The next row is where you decide what your Follow Action will be. You can set two Follow Actions for a clip – A and B.
  • The final row is where you control the likelihood of your two Follow Actions occurring, defined as a ratio. Ableton refers to these as “Chance A and Chance B” controls. For example, if Chance A is set to 1 and Chance B is set to 0, Follow Action A will occur every time that a clip is launched.

3. Try setting your 16ths to 2. Then open the Follow Action A menu and select “Any”. This will randomize the order in which your clips are played  . Because we are only setting 1 Follow Action for this tutorial, you can leave the ratio at 1:0.

4. You’re ready to go! Launch one of your clips. You will see Live jumping around from clip to clip, creating breaks and variations on your beat while remaining in time.

I just showed you the basic setup, but try experimenting with different Follow Action time settings and see what you come up with!

One Last Tip

If you’re experiencing audio dropouts or lagging when triggering clips in Legato mode, your computer’s hard disk is probably too slow to deliver audio for all of tracks in real time. You can solve this problem by activating RAM Mode.


RAM Mode allows Live to load the audio referenced from a clip into your computer’s memory instead of reading it from a disk in real time. Avoid using RAM Mode when you don’t have to, or you may experience more dropouts and skips caused by RAM overload.

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