Make It New with Antal [3/16]

Antal isn’t just a DJ’s DJ. He’s a guru’s guru.

Or, if you will: A maven’s maven.

At the beating heart of the Rush Hour empire, a Dutch institution that includes a distribution network and a record label but, first and most importantly, as a record store.

Rush Hour Records was founded with an incontrovertible love of new music, of all genres, and of all types. And now, after booking artist after artist that was inspired by, or signed to, or distributed by, the Rush Hour network we finally get to celebrate with its co-founder and leader. (See his recent feature at Resident Advisor, called “The Art of the DJ“)

We’ve said this before but this time we mean it: Expect the unexpected.

One look at his SoundCloud will show you why: South African Jazz, Brazil, African Cut-Up, Suriname Disco, Turkish Psych…

Make It New with Antal (Rush Hour) [3/16]
and Coralcola
Thursday March 16, 2017
9pm / 21+
$10 before 11pm

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Our Executive Director’s 10 Sets of 2015


You don’t get to hear enough from our tireless Executive Director Alex Maniatis. He’s typically negotiating offers for #MakeItNew, balancing the budget of Mmmmaven Project or consulting or meeting with an artist.

But he’s always being sent the latest and greatest music to his various chat windows and in boxes.

Job Jobse @ Sleepless Floor, Melt! Festival 2015

3 hours of Saturday morning festival vibes. Job would later visit #MakeItNew and melt our hearts.

Nr. 76: Massimiliano Pagliara (Live At Robert Johnson)

What ghosts inhabit the analogue machines of Massimiliano Pagliara? Conjured up by the turning of knobs, these benign spirits reign our everyday dance floor. Having released his second album last year, Pagliara’s blend of elegant old school electro, crafty italo disco and soul-sparkling Chicago House have turned many ears his way. His return to Live at Robert Johnson saw him sweat out his finest and most versatile work to date.

Well worth your listening time. As is this mix here: A tale of shimmering beauty.

Johannes Albert & Move D @ Wilde Renate

#MakeItNew alum Move D is a long-time favorite. The house maestro has decades of experience cooking clubs to a boil

Mushrooms Project – Buena Onda Mix


DJ Koze: DJ Kicks


Like most of his albums, DJ-Kicks is unusual, with few conventional transitions or the kind of smooth flow we would expect from a DJ mix. It’s a reminder that being a DJ is about more than just working the dance floor; it’s about introducing audiences to music new and old and connecting it in ways that no one else can. — Andrew Ryce

Download it on iTunes here.

Floating Points: Essential Mix

When Sam Shepard played #MakeItNew, he dropped nothing but rare soul and funk 45s, sending the place into a frenzy. Floating Points’ rareified taste would see him releasing the album of the year in 2015. So, of course, his Essential Mix was unlike anything we’ve heard.

Floating Points – Essential Mix – 28-Nov-2015 by Edmninja on Mixcloud

DJ Nobu Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival DJ Set

As a festival, the Dutch powerhouse that is Dekmantel really blew the doors off 2015.

Hypnotic vibes & flawless pacing, deployed in front one of the most quintessentially unique/absurd BR backdrops imaginable. Our thanks to the hero Nobu for flying in from Tokyo for this especially.

Dekmantel Podcast 040 – Fort Romeau

Like their festival, the Dekmantel Podcast pulled no punches, either. Here’s 6 hours from Fort Romeau.

“I really like playing in this way,” he says. “There’s so much freedom to shape the entire musical language of the evening and to make connections between disparate musics that you just can’t really do in two or three hours at peak time.”

Barnt – Robot Heart – Burning Man 2015

I knew that the sun would rise 40 minutes into my set. I wanted to build everything around that. But when the sun indeed appeared over the dark mountains in the distant that moment, it was overwhelming. It felt like the music was manifesting itself now.”

Truancy Volume 129: Bicep

We love the Truants crew. So when they tapped our 11-year anniversary celebration guests (and owners of Mixmag’s #1 Track of the Year) Bicep, there was bound to be magic.

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