Make It New with Antal [3/16]

Antal isn’t just a DJ’s DJ. He’s a guru’s guru.

Or, if you will: A maven’s maven.

At the beating heart of the Rush Hour empire, a Dutch institution that includes a distribution network and a record label but, first and most importantly, as a record store.

Rush Hour Records was founded with an incontrovertible love of new music, of all genres, and of all types. And now, after booking artist after artist that was inspired by, or signed to, or distributed by, the Rush Hour network we finally get to celebrate with its co-founder and leader. (See his recent feature at Resident Advisor, called “The Art of the DJ“)

We’ve said this before but this time we mean it: Expect the unexpected.

One look at his SoundCloud will show you why: South African Jazz, Brazil, African Cut-Up, Suriname Disco, Turkish Psych…

Make It New with Antal (Rush Hour) [3/16]
and Coralcola
Thursday March 16, 2017
9pm / 21+
$10 before 11pm

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A Night w/ Patrice Baumel At #MakeitNew

Photo by @kokernutz.

Sonic Agenda’s Elan Rochbert, a classically-trained musician, came to Make It New on March 31st to see Patrice Baumel. Suffice it to say, he was impressed.

Make it New has stood strong against the storm of commercial EDM for years, showcasing phenomenal up-incoming talent and hosting some of the most influential names in underground music.

Patrice Baumel at #makeitnew with the @mmmmaven fam!

A video posted by @sub_alias on

Patrice Bäumel brought us on a voyage through planes of existence. One moment the music was a throbbing heartbeat of percussion, compelling my feet and hips to move. The next moment it would shift, lifting the overwhelming drums and replacing them with harmonies like velvet.

For more in-depth coverage of the evening–including high praise for our resident DJs Coralcola and Baltimoroder–click through to Sonic Agenda. Follow Elan on Twitter: @ERochbert.

Patrice was on tour celebrating his newest mix for the Balance series. More info on that here.

What You’ll Hear Tonight at #MakeItNew


Tonight at Make It New we’re hosting one of the most prominent and forward-thinking minds in the world: Patrice Baumel. Is that an over-statement? Perhaps. You be the judge:

One listen and you’ll know why he dubbed the track “Mike Tyson.”

For years, Patrice commanded a residency at Trouw in Amsterdam, widely regarded as one of the world’s finest nightclubs.


Want more music? Arrive before 11pm, pay just $10 and get to listen to Baltimoroder, who is an intructor in our DJ lab. Here is a recording of his DJ set opening for Detroit Swindle last week:

But wait, there’s more. Coralcola joins Balti in the booth to give you even more sounds for those ears.

We’ll see you later.

#MakeItNew with Patrice Baumel [3/31]


First it was “Roar,” a completely mangling and brutal track from the minimal days. Sounding as if a broken weed whacker had been thrown into the middle of the club–the snarling, bass-free corker got the attention of the entire worldwide underground.

Baumel never looked back.

He eventually became a huge player and resident at Trouw which, after Berghain, might have been #2 in the “world’s greatest clubs” listicle. (RIP)

It would be a tremendous waste of space to list all the labels he’s released with but think of your favorite modern music label: Yep. That one.

Bäumel infuses his productions and dj sets with lots of energy and a sense of adventure, creating a sound that is satisfies the mind as well as the body.

This is a special edition of #MakeItNew as it is an official previews of his mix CD for the mighty Balance series.

Among the artists featured are Plastikman, Throwing Snow, Jon Hopkins, Underworld (remixed by Bäumel for one of the mix’s exclusive tracks), M83 and Nils Frahm. Check out a preview of the mix below.

See you there.

Come early for a special opening set from Coralcola.

Make It New with Patrice Baumel
Plus special opening set from Resident DJ Coralcola
Thursday March 31st
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave
Central Square Cultural District
Cambridge, MA