DJ 102


25 hours ($45/hour)
Save $500 by combining DJ 101 and 102 in our DJ Program!

You need to organize your favorite tracks and get in the mix with different styles. What’s the best way to brand and market yourself? Our professionals show you how – and then give you the skills you need to play LIVE.


  • History
  • Mixing Techniques with Serato (including looping, bitrates and building crates)
  • Serato Commands
  • Advanced DJ Concepts: Scratching, Beat Juggling, Sampling
  • Learn how to blend different genres
  • The Marketplace: Branding and Promotion


Once you finish the program of DJ 102, you will be ready to rock the club, and will have the opportunity to play live for your friends and family in one of the city’s clubs.

DJ 102 is available on weeknights from 7pm – 10pm and on the weekends from 11 am – 2pm & 3-6 pm.

Choose An Option...
Mon & Wed 3/5/18 - 3/28/18 (7-10pm)
Mon & Wed 5/2/18 - 5/28/18 (7-10pm)
Sat & Sun 3/3/18 - 3/25/18 (3-6pm)
Sat & Sun 4/7/18 - 4/29/18 (11-2pm)
Sat & Sun 5/5/18 - 5/27/18 (3-6pm)
Tue & Thu 4/3/18 - 4/26/18 (7-10pm)
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