Top 5 Things You Can Buy on #CyberMonday

Cyber Monday Sale

ICYMI: We’re having a major sale in honor of Cyber Monday. Just what can you get at such a discount? Let’s pick 5 things.

1: Gift Certificates


You can email Sarah to get 20% off any amount of Gift Certificates! Have a young one interested in music? Throw this in their stocking this holiday season.

2: Music Synthesis Course

People have all sorts of fun playing with the state-of-the-art synths and drum machines inside our lab:

People have even used it to start up band projects:

3: Summer Camp!

What’s your child up to next Summer? Start them out or enhance their musical knowledge through the technology they know and love. You never know, they might go onto play the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum!

4: The Master Program

For the best overall value, the biggest discounts come at the Master Program level. Ableton made news most recently on Charlie Rose, where Diplo and Skrillex talk about working with Justin Bieber. Watch that online here.

If Justin Bieber uses Ableton, shouldn’t you? That’s what we do.

5: A Corporate Event

Our lab can come to you! For holiday parties, build-a-beat contests or DJ battles, our Corporate Events have put a fire under many a different team throughout the Greater Boston area.

Simply go here and pop in your email?

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4 Years 4 M’s

Jon Hopkins, who played our launch party.

Four years ago, the music, art, and technology festival called Together Boston had a storefront location in the heart of Central Square, Cambridge. Inside they held discussions, hosted a series of DJ in the live lab, and generally had an open space where music lovers could gather, chat, and chill. As we were closing down and moving out, we heard from a number of people that they were unhappy. No one wanted to see the space closed as it was a benefit to the community at large.

That’s when Managing Director Alex Maniatis and Creative Director David Day turned and looked at each other.

They said, “Why can’t we just do this all year?”

And Mmmmaven was born.

With the distinctive 4 M’s (each M represents 4 beats, so for M’s = 4/4 time signature) we went in search of investors, and met a lot of quizzical faces. We were told numerous times that “EDM” is just a fad (pro tip: We don’t really deal in “EDM”) or that there wasn’t an interest in the Boston music community.

“Why open this in a ‘rock town’ like Boston?”

The answer, of course, is that Boston has a passion for music and always has. With a wide array of musicians who could learn Ableton, or newly-graduated students looking to DJ, or simply Boston’s lengthy history of a passion for music, there’s not another city that makes more sense.

Eventually, with the help of our valiant General Manager Corina Hernandez, we launched a kickstarted and found a way to open. Some of our first instructors were close friends like Erik Pearson (aka Baltimoroder) or Ableton super-gurus like Encanti (a/k/a Ben Cantil).

Baltimoroder – Mmmmix #1 for @mmmmaven by Mmmmaven on Mixcloud

Soon, we were graduating students. These students would go to find bonds, and make their way up the ladder. What Alex and I really didn’t anticipate, however, was the community at large that would form.

Matt Rohr, Alex Maniatis, Corina Hernandez, and myself in the Boston Globe.
Fens, Alex Maniatis, Corina Hernandez, and myself in the Boston Globe.

Soon the team recruited Sarah Hoffman, who answered a Craigslist ad looking for a Business Development Director. More would join up, everyone from award-winning Boston DJ Leah V to Berklee and Ableton whizkid Wigbert “Wigz” Caro. Charles Mazzola, Andrew Hlynsky, DJ Rugged One, Polina Starobinets, the list goes on and on.

And that’s just the instructors. As I mentioned it was the larger community, the alumni, those who would attend a workshop or Make It New, that formed an extra-wide group of people …

all of whom share a passion to see the worlds of music and technology not only grow, but thrive.

So to anyone reading this sentence who has contributed in any way over the last four years, I hope you’ll consider this video below a result of you and your time and your effort.

Thank you.

See you tonight!

Watch Modulations Online

Boston DJ School

Create Digital Music recently stumbled upon the Modulations documentary. One of a few critical stories exploring the deep and wide genre, it collectively known as “electronica” when first engaged by American audiences.

Modulations is quite extensive.

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Danny Tenaglia, Robert Moog, Carl Cox, Pierre Henry, John Cage, Derrick May, Giorgio Moroder, and Arthur Baker all appear here.

Subtitled “Cinema for the Ear” it’s worth 73 minutes of your day to wander through the long history of “electronic music.”

There’s lots of different ways this new evolution of music can mean money in your pocket. Schedule a tour and let us show you what we mean.

New Music Sharing App Undrtone has Landed

“Our goal is to aggregate all the cloud services and create a place where everybody can have a conversation, no matter what service you’re using. A play on our app is the same as a play on their services.” -Scott Vener

The next big app for music sharing and streaming services may have landed! Scott Vener, Music Supervisor of the hit T.V. series ‘Entourage’ has created an all-in-one music sharing service called Undrtone.

There are plenty of music sharing outlets on the internet; Spotify, Soundcloud, Beats, and Rdio are a few. Undrtone allows the user to link any or all of their music sharing accounts into one platform. It is like a social media account for sharing music, much like Instagram, Undrtone focuses on the visuals of album artwork. The user can follow artists and friends while posting and ‘liking’ songs and playlists. It is exactly like adding the full library of the four music sharing services listed above into one place, accessible via app and online.

undrtone webpage (2)undrtone app iphone

Since the launch of Undrtone it has been downloaded slightly over 20,000 times. This App is currently available on the iphone, online, and soon to be released for the Droid app store. After your first recording in our classes, whether its produced or mixed, put it up on Undrtone and share it with friends and fans!

Also- Check out the article Billboard Magazine posted about Undrtone!

Are you a musician? Would you like to get a free tour or lesson of our facilities today? You should! Contact our Director of Community Development Sarah Hoffman today.