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Free Workshop: Sound Design with Sampling w/ Daniel Babai @ MMMMaven
Jul 28 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Free Workshop: Sound Design with Sampling w/ Daniel Babai @ MMMMaven | Cambridge | Massachusetts | United States

When we think of sound design, we usually think of working with synthesizers, but we can use samples too! In this workshop we will focus on making an entire drum kit from one sample, utilizing fun techniques with Sampler, Corpus, Saturator, and other effects. I want to empower Ableton users to make their own unique sounds using field recordings. We will learn how to incorporate the soundtrack of our lives into our own productions!

Daniel Babai is a freelance recording engineer and producer fresh off of a post-master’s fellowship at Berklee College of Music. He got into audio through making beats, but now loves all things sound!

Billy Martin from Medeski Martin & Wood Hosts Ableton Push 2 Workshop @ Mmmmaven
Aug 9 @ 7:00 pm
Billy Martin from Medeski Martin & Wood Hosts Ableton Push 2 Workshop @ Mmmmaven | Cambridge | Massachusetts | United States

What is Ableton Push?

Ableton Push is an instrument that puts everything you need to make music in one place—at your fingertips.

Making music is hard. To stay in the flow, you need to be able to capture your ideas quickly, and you need technology to stay out of the way. Computers make it possible for one person to create whole worlds of sound. But instruments are where inspiration comes from. Push gives you the best of everything. It’s a powerful, expressive instrument that gives you hands-on control of an unlimited palette of sounds, without needing to look at a computer.

Who is Billy Martin?

Best known as a member of the musical trio Medeski Martin & WoodBilly Martin is an American composer, jazz drummer, visual artist, educator and record producer.

From the roots of the downtown scene he emerged with Medeski Martin and Wood, bridging the harmonic complexity of jazz, the conversational fluency of free improvisation, and the groove and swagger of classic R&B and funk. A series of albums and high-profile collaborations with John ScofieldJohn ZornIggy PopNatalie Merchant, and others, brought the band international acclaim.

What began for Martin as tireless enthusiasm for music, percussion, and improvisation evolved into a wide ranging search for the roots of inspiration. Among the most valuable undertakings in this ongoing exploration is teaching. “When I teach,” he explains, “I learn and discover methods to build my vocabulary and style, and I love to help others do the same”

What is Mmmmaven?

Mmmmaven is a Cambridge-based Music and Technology School offering part-time DJing and Music Production courses for people of all ages.

Free Workshop: Serato DJ With DJ Rugged One @ MMMMaven
Aug 18 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Free Workshop: Serato DJ With DJ Rugged One @ MMMMaven | Cambridge | Massachusetts | United States

This workshop will go over the fundamentals of Djing in Serato Dj. Learning to keep organized using crates when dealing with a library filled with tracks is essential to creating an optimal and proactive workflow. Transitioning between tracks on both decks will be made easier after observing a few tricks to help with blending track frequencies and learning how to navigate through differing BPMs. Looping stands as a vital tool for situations in live performance that display extremely fast sampling transitions. Other topics that will be demonstrated include: cue points, and linking iTunes music to Serato DJ. After this workshop each student will attain helpful tools to help them work towards mastering these beginner techniques in Serato DJ.

DJ Rugged One has been in the game for many years and has firmly established a name for himself as a professional deejay and producer. Spinning at numerous bars, lounges & clubs, he effortlessly creates a vibe that keeps the dance floor packed and continues to be recognized for his style and grace. His passion for music naturally led him into the realm of music production, where he actively takes on remix projects and creates brand new material with a plethora of skilled artists. Rugged One earned his stripes during his years as a competitive DJ, placing as a finalist in many battles, never failing to intimidate and turn heads! He continues to be sought after and commissioned to create mix CDs for respected organizations in the hip hop realm (including, Brick Records and others) all while juggling his own independent releases. Receiving notable praise in a vast array of publications & websites, Rugged has evolved over the years to become the “total package,” a DJ who can satisfy the purest of hip hop heads, the wildest of college club-goers and everything in between – taking you on a musical trip in the process. He enjoys what he does and is a true entertainer. DJ Rugged One…the man, the myth, the DJ… go on, go on and GET DOWN!