When the Mmmmaven Project opened I was excited that Boston had finally got it’s own DJ and production school. Now that I’ve spent time there (hanging out, playing the radio show and of course teaching a guest lecture) I have to say that the school is truly world class. With a progressive curriculum and awesome instructors I would recommend the Mmmmaven Project to anyone who wants to get into the magical world of electronic music.

-Eli Goldstein, Soul Clap

Electronic music has a history reaching back over 40 years. Its evolution across continents and decades has generated styles and subgenres as nuanced as the artists behind them. Whether you listen to Skrillex, Cut Chemist or Larry Levan, the breadth of DJ/Production techniques is as varied as your own music library. Just as the genre has transformed with time, so too have the tools used to create it. Our courses specialize in teaching the details that define digital music.

Mmmmaven courses offer hands-on exposure to the many facets of music production. Our state-of-the-art production labs are outfitted with advanced software and technology such as Ableton Live 9, Logic, Serato Scratch Live, Traktor Pro. Seasoned instructors join our classrooms straight from of the club, imparting the wisdom of experience and the tricks of the mix.